Meet Steve Hickok




As President of Hickok & associates, I know you are putting your trust in a name when selecting the company to develop your helicopter instrument procedures. You look for a company with people who have proven experience and the most current tools and software available.

Hickok & associates fills all of your expectations with the industry’s leaders and visionaries. On our staff are the managers FAA trusted for the flight testing and development of helicopter IFR/GPS criteria and policy; the visionaries who perfected the all-encompassing services needed, and took that FAA criterion and policy and ‘wrote the book’ for how to successfully develop helicopter instrument flight procedures.

On our staff are the developers of the first software FAA  ever accepted for automated instrument procedure development. Nearly all the helicopter procedures flown today have been developed using software designed by our people.

But we also have not been content to rely on our past accomplishments. We developed the first helicopter WAAS LPV criteria, and the first helicopter GPS departure criteria. Both criterion were approved by FAA for our company to use. And we have reengineered our software to keep it current with changes in FAA criteria, and to implement our own FAA-approved criteria for WAAS LPV and departures.

Don’t be fooled by others who can only mimic techniques we originated years ago, and who continue to use outmoded software tools we originally developed. Only Hickok & associates offer the original people who began it all, and have progressed and improved since those early beginnings.

Hickok is the name you can trust.  It’s the name that is synonymous with “helicopter GPS”.

  • Initiated the first GPS approach approved by FAA.
  • Became the first FAA approved non-fed developer.
  • Developed the first helicopter GPS airspace systems.
  • First FAA designated Procedure Evaluation Pilot (PEP).
  • First FAA Approved Flight Validation Pilot.
  • The first to develop Helicopter WAAS LPV procedures.
  • The first to provide approved Helicopter GPS departures.